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IDEX Corporation was founded in 1987 and has since been a global leader in applied solutions. Specializing in fluid and metering technologies, health and science technologies, fire and safety, and other diversified products in high growth markets, the company stands for Innovation, Diversity and Excellence! IDEX trades under the abbreviation “IEX” on the New York Stock Exchange. Headquartered in Northbrook, IL, USA, our operating facilities are spread across five continents with more than 8,000 dedicated employees worldwide.
We are best known for our expertise in highly engineered fluids systems and components, as well for our expertise in fire and safety products, including the Jaws of Life ® family of rescue and recovery tools.
Our products touch lives every day. Whether it’s a life-saving rescue operation, dispensing fresh juice to a first-grader or fuelling aircraft, IDEX is a leader in creating enabling technology used in many of the most common everyday activities.


IDEX India is a 100% subsidiary of IDEX Corporation. We are a leading global manufacturer of highly engineered industrial products and technologies such as industrial pumps & valves, compressors, flow meters, milling equipment, dispensers, firefighting tools and rescue equipment, spare parts, services and accessories.

Our corporate office is at Mumbai, India and our world-class facility spans across 1,50,000 sq ft area @ Savli in Vadodara, India.

The facility incorporates a highly effective, team-oriented environment that integrates design, engineering, manufacturing, administration, and the industry’s latest technology. It provides a shared manufacturing platform for all IDEX Business Units to carry out production.

At IDEX India factory, we focus on designing, developing and delivering local products to the local markets based on the local customer requirements and market demands.
Our front-end sales, technical and service team is a group of highly qualified, globally networked professionals working passionately from different places of the country, closely associated with our channel partners and counterparts across the world, with easy local accessibility. Our sales people are just a call away – 1800 267 9955 (toll free).

Blagdon Pump’s History

Company Origins

Blagdon Pump was founded in the early 1950s by owners, George Blagdon and George Flynn. The company started out as a small engineering workshop supplying goods to the local coal fields. The first company premises were located in the historic city of Durham in the North East of England.

Change of Ownership

In 1981 the company was sold to Terry Harrison who owned a pump hire business. Terry invested heavily in the business and due to expansion the company moved to a 30 000 sq metre facility in Washington, also in the North East of England. In 1997 Terry Harrison retired and the company was acquired by the IDEX corporation.

Original Products

From its knowledge of the mining industry, Blagdon identified the need for a simple pump to remove water from the coal face – the FP1 was conceived. In 1979 Blagdon produced its first Air Operated Diaphragm Pump. Early versions were Aluminum and Cast Iron for use in the mines. These pumps were fairly primitive compared to today’s models.

The Future

IDEX Corporation is a company based in Chicago, USA and to which Blagdon ultimately reports. Since the aquisition by IDEX in 1997 the relationship has grown and continues to do so to give all concerned a bright future.

About Blagdon Pump…


Export Compliance

As a company we are committed to:

  • Providing our customers with an exceptional product and service and will endeavour at all times to provide unrivalled customer satisfaction.
  • Protecting the environment and preventing pollution for the benefit of our employees, local and global communities, now and in the future. To comply with all applicable enviromental legislation, regulations and other requirements to which the company subscribes which relate to its enviromental aspects. Blagdon Pump and IDEX Pump Technologies (Ireland) Limited has a commitment to comply with requirements of I.S EN ISO 9001:2008, and to comply with the letter and the spirit of current OH&S and Enviromental legislation regulations and other requirements.
  • Improving the health & safety performance of Blagdon Pump and IDEX Pump Technologies (Ireland) Limited by providing a safe and healthy working environment for all employees & visitors.
  • Continuous improvement of our Management Systems, Processes, Personnel Training and Development, and Objectives & Targets.
  • Blagdon Pump and IDEX Pump Technologies (Ireland) Limited aspires to become a world-class leader in its field.

Customer Satisfaction Policy

Blagdon Pump has long since recognised the importance of having a flexible approach to the changing needs and developments of the industries in which our product serves. We are committed to the pursuit of excellence in, not only our product, but in the service we offer to all our customers. Our aim is to provide our customers with a level of service which is second to none and provides our customers with the confidence of dealing with a first class organisation.

We are committed members of Investors in People which emphasises the importance we place on staff training and development. Our staff are trained to the highest possible standard, with great importance being place on the service that all members of staff put on the satisfaction of our customers. Blagdon Pump will:


Respond to enquiries within 24 hours (working day)


Respond to any customer concerns within 24 hours (working day)


Notify customers within 24 hours (working day) if an order has been delayed


Respond to servicing returns within 48 hours (working day) of receipt


Update technical literature revisions to our website on the same day of revision


Offer a 5 year warranty


Measure our customer satisfaction rating by carrying out a bi-annual satisfaction survey

Export Compliance

Export License Requirements

Important Information on Export Licence Requirements

Export License Letter

The information within this letter is designed to give the customer a brief overview of the Export Licence system, and to advise as to what is required when making a Licence application, together with why an Export Licence is necessary.

Restricted Countries

A list of countries currently restricted from importing Kynar/PTFE/Hastelloy C pumps – commonly know as CB2 countries (Chemical/Biological Group 2). This list is constantly being updated, therefore any countries listed/not listed will be changed at anytime without prior notice, and unfortunately, the updating/changing of countries in any way before the licence is approved will cause delays.

Annex 'A' to Form EUU01

This is a model covering letter for the end-user undertaking, and must be completed on original company headed paper, and signed by the same person completing all other documents.

End User Undertaking 1

The End-User Undertaking 1, is used to describe the type of pump required, together with the purpose of which the goods are to be used, together with the end product produced.

End User Undertaking 2

The End-User Under 2, is a form which contains declarations to certify that the goods are to be used only for the purpose as described in section 3 on End-User Undertaking 1.